Monday, August 1, 2011


I am now a fan of going on food tours. Last Friday, we drove up to the big city and went on a gourmet food tour. The next morning, we went on another one, it was a chocolate tour. You get to walk around the downtown area, and eat food.

The above is called drinking chocolate. It was thick, you could taste the different spices they had put into it. Our tour guide also had to fend off passersby, as they thought he was handing out free samples. This was on our second tour.

Now this was my favorite from our gourmet tour. It is a pizza (which was a little sourdough like), with yukon gold potatoes, pecorino cheese, olive oil, and herbs. I wish I could have had the whole pizza. In fact, after our chocolate tour, we walked right past it and I kept trying to get my husband to stop and have lunch there....I think he was too full of all the treats we had already had. Oh well. I know for next time I'm there.

All in all, our overnight trip was lovely. We stayed in a very nice hotel (probably the most expensive one we've ever stayed in), ate delicious food, the sun was out, and the best of all was that we didn't have any kids with us. Sometimes I forget who we are without children.

And now since I've taken up more than ten minutes (I figured I could take up to 30 since I missed a few days), I am out of here.

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