Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friends that KNOW me

I go through these cycles. When we've been somewhere for a while, I start feeling like these people know me too well, we need to move! Then we move, and then no one knows me (which is kind of nice for a little bit, especially growing up and always being connected with a family member, and not just being YOU) and after a while I start wishing someone were around that KNOWS me.

Maybe more so this move. I am pregnant, and my house is still not fully unpacked. People have offered to help, but I feel uncomfortable saying yes, or allowing them to help because they don't know me. But then how are they going to get to know me if they don't spend time with me? It's a sad little circle I get into sometimes.

There are actually a few families in the area that we've known from the different places we've been. So I do know them, even though it's been a while. But still, I am a different person than I was five years ago, and so are they. Or even three years ago. But still all good....I don't know.

People at church, the kids school, and the neighbors have been awesome. Like really awesome. Especially for hardly knowing me. And I appreciate it. I just feel hesitant. Maybe by the time I have this baby (which now that I'm at the 38 week point could technically be anytime) I will have gotten over that. I am grateful that my backup that is arriving in less than two weeks KNOWS me. And my next backup knows me pretty well as well. (that is not a well constructed sentence, but seeing that it is almost midnight, i'm not even going to try and fix it.)

So, now I'm going to go to bed and try not to miss my friends.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pet Peeves

So, the other day, on the phone with my mother, she asked me if I had any colors chosen.

Colors? For what?? I had no idea what she was asking. She then continued on and said for the quilt. And what did I want on it? She thought rocking horses would be cute.

Holy cow. I don't have colors chosen. I haven't thought one tiny bit about what 'theme' this baby would have, or what kind of bedding to get. Mostly because my babies sleep in a bassinet next to me until about 3 months. I have plenty of time to worry about that crib stuff. But luckily, my new neighbor gave me her boy bedding for a crib, complete with crib skirt and bumper pads. Score! And while I know this is a big deal for some new mothers, it is probably the least important thing on my list. I've just moved over 1,000 miles, and have been unpacking and have two other kids that need my attention. Colors??? sigh....

And please don't be offended at my next pet peeve. But I really really hate when people shorten the word pregnant for 'preggie/preggy' or 'prego'. I am pregnant. Prego in the USA is a brand of pasta sauce, or if you actually speak Italian, I believe it means 'hurry up'. I equally hate 'hubby' or 'hubster'. I have a husband. I have no idea why we have to shorten these words into something like that. When I was thinking about this earlier, there were a few more words that I had on that list, but I can't remember what they were. I seem to see these all over facebook, in emails, and on blogs. Heaven forbid we use the real term.

Ok, I feel a little bit better.

In other news, I am a few weeks from my due date. I'm going for the VBAC. And we'll see how everything goes.

And now I need to get the laundry moving.

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's ticking away

I have about a month left before I have this baby. We've been in our new house for a little over a month, and things are kind of put together. It is slow going as we are getting used to the altitude, and I am now at the point where it's trying to unpack as well as the regular house cleaning stuff like bathrooms and laundry.

We have had to buy a few big things since being here. We bought this from Ikea as the kitchen would not fit any of my polish pottery. And we also got these from Ikea as well. We got the 8 box ones, and then the 4 box ones. I need to get back there so I can get a few more baskets. The bookshelves we had weren't going to work well, and really, I got most of them on clearance at Walmart and Lowes. And we'll be able to use them in the kids rooms and in the basement.

After we got this stuff, I realized that we hadn't bought one thing for this baby, other than a few clothes I had picked up on clearance from the PX. No car seat. No stroller. We kept the crib we were given before Superhero was born, as well as the bassinet. In fact, when Superhero was born we were given one of those Graco travel system things. As we weren't rolling in the dough back then, I was grateful, and we used that until it died. The problem with most strollers is that, for me, they don't come up high enough. I'm usually having to bend my back at an angle that can really get uncomfortable. As well as most of those lower end strollers have plastic wheels. I hate plastic wheels. They don't go over anything. Pushing Superhero around Germany on cobblestones just about killed me. So I decided the next time we bought a stroller, it would not have plastic wheels, and the handlebar had to adjust up and down. The problem is, Graco, Evenflo, Safety First, and all those brands you see at Target and Walmart do not make anything like that. So I've done my homework. The only ones that have those features are freaking expensive. I'm sure you've heard of the Bugaboo strollers or Quinny strollers. Brand new, there is NO WAY I can afford to spend that much on a stroller. Especially since this may be our last kid, and that would be ridiculous to spend that much on something for only one kid. So, I have been trolling Craigslist to see if I can find a used one for much less. Well, since we've moved, no luck on the Bugaboo cameleon stroller, but I think I've hit the jackpot for the Quinny. At least I hope so. (the guy got back to me so we'll see if he has the adapter for the car seat and if he does, it's a win!)

(about an hour later)

I am now trying to find the car seat that can go to the dang stroller. It comes with an adapter for it, but trying to find one in my area on Craigslist has not been working. Of course when I check Los Angeles (where I once lived and still have family and friends) I found not only the car seat but the car seat in the right color. I know babies don't know what color their seat is, and it's mostly just for the adults. But dang it, I cannot abide a pink car seat for a boy. I can't. I don't want a pink car seat ever, even if I was having a girl. I mean, I would get it if that were my only option, but if I have a choice, no way. I realize I sound snobby about this whole stroller and car seat thing. I guess I am an older mom with experience, and I know what I want.

I'm down to a month left to get a dang car seat. Maybe if I'm patient one will show up, in the right color, and the right price range. Otherwise that baby will have to stay at the hospital for a lot longer. (I joke. But I believe it is a law that you have an infant seat for the infant otherwise they cannot let you leave the hospital. I read that somewhere......)

Perhaps the Craigslist gods will provide in a few days. I hope.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Last night a friend asked if I had made any new years resolutions. And the answer is no. Mostly because I rarely make them. And another reason is that I am more worried about just getting everything done in January before this baby comes.

We have moved, and I was able to get to the doctor. She informed me that even though I've had two previous (emergency) c-sections, that I could still elect to choose a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)(that is what the spell check suggested, so hopefully it is right). I was very surprised. I guess about six months ago things changed, and somehow I was unaware. Which kind of threw me into a bit of a tailspin. I had just been anticipating a c-section, and had no thought of actual labor. I am a good candidate. The reasons for my c-sections weren't because of my body, it was because the first was breech, and the second she had the cord wrapped around her, and after four hours of pushing, she refused to come out. I also am not over weight, so if the docs had to go in and take care of a problem quickly, they wouldn't have to cut through layers of fat to get to the baby, or my uterus. After I had my second baby, they said that there was very little scar tissue from the first one, so that plays into my favor as well.

So, I still don't know what to do. I've read about the risks, and I know what the pro's of it are as well. C-section recovery totally sucks, especially after going through labor before having to have one. It would be nice to not have a two week recovery.

After I had Superhero, the nurse told me that I would always have to have c-sections after this. And for some reason that was devastating to me. I've been through labor, and man it sucks. Contractions are terrible, and trying to hold still for an epidural is no easy thing. Pushing is exhausting. I think it all goes back to what my expectations were. And same for now. I was expecting to have a c-section.....and now I have a choice!

I'm torn. I just don't know. 60-80% of women that try a VBAC are successful. Even after two previous c-sections. But on the other hand I've never had a scheduled c-section, without labor. I've always been to the point of shaking uncontrollably, of being exhausted before that happens. Maybe the recovery would be better.....I don't know. My husband has suggested that a VBAC would be a good choice, but really, this is all up to me. I feel like I need a crystal ball or something so that I can know what the right choice is.

I started writing this earlier, and now tonight, I feel that I am leaning towards a VBAC. But I still don't know for sure.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have this decision to make!!