Friday, August 5, 2011

At least it didn't rain

I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish. Otherwise, I would be in bed.

We had four or five days of beautiful sun and warmth. I had made plans today to visit my aunt, and go to the beach (well, a puget sound beach) near her house where she said there were lots of starfish.

And of course, in classic pacific northwest style, today barely got above 70, and I think I saw blue sky only as I was coming home. And, we were there so early, that the tide was too high to see much. Not to mention that it was cold, so there was no way I was getting into the water to go and see what we could find.

There was a pier, with people fishing for crab and actual fish. The kids thought that was pretty cool. We were also next to the boat launch, so it was cool to see so many boats come in and out.

It could have been a worse day, for example, it could have rained. But, lucky for us, it didn't.

Well, I have no idea how long it's been since I started typing, but it is starting to sound like my washer might be getting done. So, I will end this sad post.

Like Annie says, "the sun will come out, tomorrow!" But I don't think she had ever been to the pacific northwest.

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