Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, just in case you didn't know, I am human.

I also, you know, sometimes, try to be Christlike. And when I say that, I mean to do what He would do if He were here. I have my good moments and my bad, just like everyone.

But there is one big thing that I have REALLY had a hard time 'being Christlike' about.

Almost every time it comes up, I get angry. I get angry because I remember. I get angry because I feel that I never got to say what I needed to say. I get angry for some other reasons, too. I thought I was improving, thought I was almost getting to the point of letting go, so that I could get to the other important characteristic of Christ...forgiving.

I don't forgive well. It has been a huge difficulty of mine ever since I was a kid. And it doesn't get any easier as an adult, with adult issues with other adults.

Lets just say I would rather be dealing with my sister who hit me than this situation.

So, back to forgiving.....still working on it.

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