Monday, August 15, 2011

Kids and poop

Last night, my neighbors nephews were over at my house. The younger one is about the same age as Blondie. They were over at my neighbors house and the boys wanted to come over to our house. Which was fine.

Our downstairs bathroom is right next to the front door (yet another odd thing about this house floor plan....the dining room is also right as you walk in, and I have to walk through the living room to get to the dining room....anyway) and I heard the youngest one in the bathroom, and he went back to my neighbors as soon as he was done.

Superhero went in a little bit later to use the bathroom, and came out with the news that there was poop on the wall. I knew right away it had to be that little guy. So, I'm thinking it is a little bit of smudges on the wall. Oh no. When I get in there to take a 5 or 6 smudges that were pretty big, and a chunk of poop sticking out an inch from the wall. Wow. I thought it was hysterical.

I called over, hoping he was still there so he could come over and clean it up, but they had already left. My neighbor came over and cleaned it. She made the point that she would never call out another kid on doing something like that. That it would be too embarrassing.

Maybe I'm weird, but I would totally get the kid that did it, and have them clean it up. I wouldn't announce it over a loud speaker or anything, but I sure would give them what they needed to clean it up and have them do it. You make a mess, you clean it up. Yeah, it would be embarrassing at first, but why the heck did they do it in the first place??? I guess I'm just a big fan of natural consequences at my house. What would you do? Would you not say anything? Would you just talk to them about it? Would you let their parent do the talking? Or, would you do what I would do, and have the kid do the dirty work?

When kids are at my house, I treat them like my own. And my good friends treat mine like theirs. I would hope that if my kids EVER did something like that, and I wasn't around, they would have consequences.


  1. Hell YES I would call them out. That is freaking disgusting.

  2. That is pretty nasty. I'd make them clean it up or attempt it.