Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tonight, I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to let it go, because there isn't anything I can really do to change anything. But it is still so dang frustrating.

I'll explain. My mother in law (which henceforth will be MIL) just had surgery this last week. It was a pretty big deal, enough that she needs extra help to do things, and she isn't able to drive for a while. My one SIL took most of the week off to stay with her mom and take care of her. There are two more siblings in this family. Both of whom are adults. But my BIL is too drunk to help and the other SIL can barely take care of herself. SIL #1 can only take so much time off, and needed to get home to her family and her work. And here we are, far away, and can't really do a darn thing. Neither my husband or I can just hop on a plane and go as we have too many responsibilities here.

And I'm frustrated at a few other things. How did I get myself into a family with such dysfunction?? I know there are families out there that are infinitely worse. And my family has it's own special dysfunctions. I guess it's just frustrating to see children who grew up with the same family dynamics as my husband and my SIL (who are only half siblings. the other SIL is my husbands only full blooded sibling) can produce such utter and complete opposites. I guess it comes down to choice. But it still doesn't keep me from wanting to shake them. For my husband all of this is normal, and doesn't seem to phase him or bother him like it bothers me.

So, I just sit here, thinking of round about ways to help my MIL. And trying not to be frustrated with those that are there that SHOULD be helping their mother but aren't. Or can't. Or are making such a gigantic mess of their lives....anyway.......See, I'm trying to let it go.....

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