Saturday, January 29, 2011

Distracting myself

I think it's a way of distracting myself, but I've been thinking a lot about furniture. And what I want to do, well, what I need to do about storage and things like that. One of the first things on my list is to get ourselves a bed. We have a cal king, and finding a bed frame that we both like has been rough. Every time I get on craigslist, that is the first thing I look for. Most of what I find are these terrible looking 70's or 80's water bed type headboards, with mirrors, lights and shelves. No thank you. And if I do find something that is decent, it's forever away and isn't worth the time and gas to go the distance. It is frustrating. But it is tax time and we should be getting some back pay. So I branched out my search to brand new beds. This one is a winner for me.

I will not tell you how much it costs, as it is way more than we've ever spent on anything, including our couch. We both like the headboard/foot board. But what really sold me on this one was the dressers. I am not a fan of the shorter six drawer type of dresser. They take up way too much space, and every time I see one they come with a mirror that attaches, and if I'm going to have a mirror in my room, it sure isn't going to be above my dresser. I need to see from head to toe and that isn't going to cut it. Also, the 'gentleman's dresser' bottoms drawers are lined with cedar. Not to mention the dovetailed joints on all the drawers. I guess I feel like if we're going to spend the money, we might as well get some good quality stuff. It has to stand up to at least one more move, and most likely more. I don't want particle board crap that will fall apart when the movers try to take it apart, or after a move. I really like the nightstands too. I haven't completely convinced my husband yet. I've got time.

I got an email from World Market this week that they are having a huge furniture sale. And I love World Market. I have for years. So on my list are some new bookshelves for our room. This one is what I'm going for. And I would really like to have this secretary like desk. But I really don't have a place for it. And for the playroom, I want to get this from Ikea. I would have it long side down, and get use some of the attachments for it or use baskets. If we weren't going to move, I would buy this. I would get the shelves and the desk. But it is made out of particle board, and trying to have that moved without having it get chunks gouged or it falling apart is not very likely. So I'll wait until we're going to be somewhere for a while.

And yesterday I was at Marshall's and I found a rug for my living room. And if I weren't so lazy today, I would post a picture of it. The rug we've had was a carpet remnant that I got for $10. Which has been just fine. But since the edges aren't finished, the carpet pieces are always coming off, and I'm having to take scissors to it a lot. So, I found one I liked, and I got it. It feels so nice to walk on, I wish my whole house had rugs like that.

And hopefully today I will have a garage with many things to take to goodwill and a playroom that is organized/picked up and less full of toys than it was when I started. And perhaps there will be a trip to World Market too.

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