Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Day 10 prompt here.

My entire life is a mess.

Keeping things organized, picked up, and generally looking great is near impossible for me.  I have a few hypothesis.  1) It's a ridiculous way to rebel because picking up and cleaning always felt like it was a huge priority growing up. 2) I'm lazy 3) I'm easily overwhelmed with how much there is to do 4) I hate housekeeping because it feels like total drudge and I'd literally rather do almost anything else.

I'm sure it's a combination of all those things.  While I do try to keep the mess down to mild clutter, sometimes it's like everything explodes.

In our little family of five, we have a variety of mental health issues.  I have depression, my husband has ADD with a touch of depression and maybe some OCD, my oldest has ADD and Anxiety, and we're all medicated for these things.  Before we were medicated, my house was in even worse shape.  Now that things are much better for all of us, the house is also much better.  Still not anywhere near perfection, but I'm ok with that.

I love going to my friends houses and finding things not perfect.  I love toys on the floor, dishes in the sink and laundry baskets of clothes.  It's a daily struggle, and we all have to choose where to put our energy, and sometimes the toys on the floor will just have to wait until tomorrow.  I also love that my friends are comfortable enough with me to show me their not perfectness.  I will still like them if their kitchen is a mess.  I will still be their friend if their laundry is in a pile on the couch.  I don't need perfect.  I need real.  For some of us, picked up and organized is real.  For others, it isn't.  I aspire to the picked up and organized, and I will do your dishes or fold your laundry with you for those that aren't.

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