Monday, September 12, 2016


Day 6 prompt here.

I truly detest playing games.

I enjoyed it as a kid.  I would play card games with my cousins, attempt to play Monopoly.  We would play Clue and Chutes and Ladders.  Candyland was a favorite.  Even when I was first married, I didn't mind playing games.  But then I discovered how much my husband loved to play games.  He got intense.  A little too intense for me.  To the point where playing games just wasn't fun anymore.  Friends would get together to play games and inside I would groan.  It was torture to me.  Learn all the dang rules, then attempt to play.  I stopped caring about winning two seconds in.  I would die, or lose, or whatever almost on purpose so I could stop playing and just talk to people. I wasn't interested in strategy, or getting more wood/straw/bricks.  What was there to be gained by winning a dumb game??  Ugh.

I still don't play games.  The only game I love is basketball.  And even then I'm more interested in having fun (which sometimes involves winning, but for me usually means I made a basket).  If given the choice, I would rather do almost anything than play a game.  You want to torture me?  Force me to play a game.

Now, as a parent, keeping track of all the dang pieces to games makes me feel crazy.  With all our moves, kids that dump things out, and things that get vacuumed up, I'm surprised we even have games with pieces in them.

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