Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friends that KNOW me

I go through these cycles. When we've been somewhere for a while, I start feeling like these people know me too well, we need to move! Then we move, and then no one knows me (which is kind of nice for a little bit, especially growing up and always being connected with a family member, and not just being YOU) and after a while I start wishing someone were around that KNOWS me.

Maybe more so this move. I am pregnant, and my house is still not fully unpacked. People have offered to help, but I feel uncomfortable saying yes, or allowing them to help because they don't know me. But then how are they going to get to know me if they don't spend time with me? It's a sad little circle I get into sometimes.

There are actually a few families in the area that we've known from the different places we've been. So I do know them, even though it's been a while. But still, I am a different person than I was five years ago, and so are they. Or even three years ago. But still all good....I don't know.

People at church, the kids school, and the neighbors have been awesome. Like really awesome. Especially for hardly knowing me. And I appreciate it. I just feel hesitant. Maybe by the time I have this baby (which now that I'm at the 38 week point could technically be anytime) I will have gotten over that. I am grateful that my backup that is arriving in less than two weeks KNOWS me. And my next backup knows me pretty well as well. (that is not a well constructed sentence, but seeing that it is almost midnight, i'm not even going to try and fix it.)

So, now I'm going to go to bed and try not to miss my friends.

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