Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the parade passes by

We recently chose to get rid of our cable. It was hard for me to do it. Or at least to want to do it. When we moved to Germany, we could not afford cable there. So, I would watch movies. Then we finally got the hook up for AFN (Armed Forces Network), which was free, but still wasn't all that great, and was full of commercials of the military trying to brainwash you. "You just gave me your phone number, I could be a terrorist!!!!" (said in a very menacing voice with a somewhat normal guy saying it. seriously, I am not making this up.). So, after two and a half years of that, coming back to the states to all these channels was amazing! While we were getting used to the time, we would watch the history channel, the kids would watch the Disney channel. It was amazing.

Four years later, after having cable everywhere we move, we have gotten rid of it. It will save us money, and save us from watching stupid shows.

But here is my problem.

I grew up in Southern California. And while I don't ever remember sitting down and watching the entire thing, every New Years Day, the Rose Parade would be on. I never actually went to the Rose Parade (sleeping on a sidewalk by choice with a bunch of strange people never really sounded too exciting to me) it was only 20 minutes away. Since we have moved away from Southern California, I like to sit and watch the Rose Parade. Those mountains in the background are MY mountains, the ones I would look at every day. That blue sky with NO CLOUDS. The warm temps. And then, the marching bands from the local high schools. Especially the ones that I had friends going to growing up, or even my school. I doubt there are many others that cry when they watch a marching band, but gosh darn it, I do. My kids aren't too interested in the parade, so it's usually just me sitting and watching it.

But this year, we have no cable. Not even local channels. I told my husband he better find me a way to watch the Rose Parade. He then asked, "live??" I told him yes, if possible.

I may just go to my neighbors. We're tight like that. Plus, they have a bigger TV.

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