Friday, October 15, 2010

My toe

I think my toenail is going to fall off.

I know, why am I talking about this on my blog? Well, because the other things I want to blog about I won't be very nice or kind, and I could get carried away. So, I'm left with my toenail. And how it feels weird and that I'm pretty sure it will fall off soon.

It started the day I did Challenge Nation. It's an urban scavenger hunt, and you usually do it in teams. I wore shoes that from the first day I wore them have never ever hurt my feet. But yet that day, when I walked miles and miles (mostly because the bus schedules were way off, and we kept missing the buses that we needed), it had to do something to my left big toe.

What are the positives? Well, at least it's fall/winter time here already. And even though I wear them until I just can't anymore because it is way too cold, there isn't too much time left for me to wear my beloved flip flops. So, other than maybe wearing open toed shoes on Sunday's to church, no one will see my big toe.

I'll keep you updated. But I promise no pictures. Feet are just ugly. I'll save my thoughts on feet for another day. Cause I need to go to sleep at some point.

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