Monday, October 4, 2010

Middle of the night thoughts

Here is what has been on my mind recently:

~Christmas cards. If I don't start thinking and planning and doing now, they don't get done. And it's one of the few crafty things I actually do. So while I am behind (I usually start in August because I'm that slow) I've made my choices, and things are slowly coming together.

~A good friend deploying. She and I were family when we both lived in Germany. Thanksgiving, Christmas, babies being born, cars borrowed, kids babysat, dinners shared, day trips to France....I could keep going. She has been in the area for the last month or so while she did training. Her kids are with her parents. I called her mom this morning to let her know some boxes she (my friend) had asked me to mail were on their way. We had a good chat, and had a cry together. Back when I first found out this friend was going, I sat and stared at my computer screen (she had sent me an email) and tears just ran down my face. I was on my period at the time, so I was already in that emotional place. Anyway, she is in my thoughts.

~A friend had her twins last week. A pretty good friend. And me, doing my best to be supportive even though I would rather not have anything to do with babies, went over last week to bring her these absolutely darling matching dresses for her girls(which, by the way, were not pink). I brought over diapers and a few other things. I did not go with the intent of holding either of them. But as my friend delivered one naturally, and then the other via c-section (Yeah, can you even freaking imagine???? I pushed for four hours, then had an emergency c-section and that recovery was so hard. I just have no words for this doctor.....anyway........) getting up and down was not easy. I brought one of the girls to her so she could feed her. It was a slightly rough day for me. But, I'm ok. My husband and I have had some good discussions about babies, and our lack of one. But I gotta just let it go. It doesn't do me any good to keep harping on it.

~I have wanted to be better at posting on here. Not just for my readers. But because I have so much rolling around in my head all the time. And since Mario Lopez at this time of night is starting to grate on my nerves, I am out of here. Night.

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