Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why I can't sleep

It's 0130 and I am still up.

Not terribly tired. Slightly hungry.

Why am I still up??? Well, there are a million reasons for that. One big one: my husband is on my mind.

He will be home in just a few more weeks. I saw him last in April. And before that was last July. The transition period ahead of us scares me. There is actual data that says that the transition period can be worse than the deployment. I mean, there is no way to know until we're in it. But last year, after we had only been apart for four months, it was rough coming back together. The crap part was that we only had three months before he was gone again....hardly enough time to work on things and iron out issues.

I'm excited! I'm excited to have a husband again. To be married and do married things. Like date. Have him close enough to hold his hand. Watch him wrestle with his kids. Listen to him play and sing the same irritating song over and over again on his guitar.

In the mean time, we're getting together items for our single soldiers. They come home to and empty barracks room instead of a family. So, we get together some snacks, sheets, towels, soap and things while they sleep off the jet lag and then are able to get to the store.

So, here it is, now almost 0200 and I'm still not all that tired. It isn't always easy to go to bed when you are used to someone else being there. Sometimes I can put it out of my mind. But we're so close to the end, I feel pretty consumed with thoughts about him. I'll be out of my misery soon enough though. I get butterflies just thinking about it.........

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  1. is he coming home for good? my mom used to say it was not good for us to be apart for too long for she understood the coming back together was hard and how independent I could become and not needing him when he would come back. Hang in there you'll do fine.