Sunday, July 25, 2010

Showing off a bit

I have never really been able to "decorate" the inside of my home well. Mostly because we had no money, hand-me-down furniture, and my complete lack of skill. After nine years of marriage (and my deployment gift to myself. hey, he got two bikes!!) I finally got real adult furniture. Then I wanted some throw pillows. I went to my favorite store, Cost Plus World Market, and picked up a few. All but the one in the corner was on sale. Which is my favorite way to shop. Well, and the one on the right side we've had forever. I just keep it around for a pillow the kids can play with because it's just not as cool as the rest.

This is my dining room table. The table cloth is not only awesome because of the pattern and color, but it is stain proof and water proof. Seriously. Tomato stains come right out, even when it has been on there for a few days. Liquids bead up and don't absorb into it. I bought my flowers at the farmers market, and I think I let them go too long without water, so they are a little sad and droopy. But I still like them.

This is our bed. You are seeing it in rare form: it is actually made. (I hate making beds. But I do it when I change the sheets.) I love my quilt. It does not fit my Cal King bed perfectly, but I love the colors, and I love my brown pillows (also from World Market) that I got to make it kind of come together. It's not too girly, but still with flowers on it. And because I am real, yes, my hanger and a pile of stuff is on the bed.

I love this chair. I love the color, I love that it goes with my bedding, and I love I got it on sale at World Market. This is my attempt to "decorate" my bedroom. I'm a slow mover. But I love what I have.

Here is our playroom. It is also in rare form: it is vacuumed and completely picked up. Considering it's a playroom.....anyway, I love the maps on the wall. We can easily find where dad is, where Blondie was born, where Superhero was born, all the places we've lived or visited. I wanted to be more creative with this space, but with it being a playroom where kids are quite literally bouncing off the walls, I stopped with the maps.

And there is the extent of my "decorating". I am so used to moving after only a year, I hesitate to do too much to the walls because I'll just have to take it down. For the first time in about five years, we'll be in one house for more than a year. It's a new experience for all of us. I'm just excited we don't have to pack up and move yet again.
disclaimer: if you ever come to my house please to not expect it to actually look like this. there are usually toys, papers and various other things that are strewn about. this was a rare moment when the whole house was picked up and looking nice. :)


  1. It looks great. I'm also in dire need of a couch and bedding for our Cal King. Where did you get your bedding? I've been looking but can't find some affordable.

  2. amanda, i think i found it on, and then i found it on ebay for less. i think. i could have bought it on overstock too. but it was online.