Monday, July 29, 2013

Throw it out

We have been a lot of places since my husband deployed.  And I've had the opportunity of observing different homes, different friends, and just different ways of life.  It has gotten me thinking about how I live and how my family lives. 

I don't like it.

I hate all this stuff.

My grandma grew up during the great depression, and she kept a lot of stuff.  And my mom would never say she was materialistic, but I would say that she was.  And even in my efforts to not be that way.....I seem to be following that path.  And I am really hating it. 

But here is the yucky honest truth:  I like nice things.  I like nice pretty things.  But I am not terribly organized.  So my house is a mess.  But I don't want a messy house.  But I like pretty stuff.......see how it keeps going around in a circle...............

So I was at my BFF's house.  I asked if she had a small cutting board we could use to take to the lake with us.  She said no, she didn't, she only had one of every thing.  One.  Of every thing.  I'm not foolish enough to think that I'm going to get to that point in a week, or month, or even a year.  But I can start, a shelf or a drawer at a time.  And then a room at a time.  She has even been using Dr. Bronners castile soap rather than having 7 different bottles in the shower.  It inspires me.  I breathe in and allow their examples of order, of less things, of how they deal with their children, of their relationships between them and how they work together.....

This is a great time for this too.  After being on my PPD medication for almost a year, I'm finally feeling like myself, but a bit better than my old self.  I feel emotionally healthy, and I think that is a big reason why I feel the need to get rid of all the clutter around me. 

So, I have a plan.  It is a bit loose, but with 3 kids and just regular life, it has to be loose.  I am hoping to give each room a week.  Hang stuff on the walls, go through and get rid of stuff we don't need, organize what is left, and make the furniture work for the room.  Some rooms may need more than a week, and others less.  So I think it will all work out. 

I'll keep you posted.

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