Monday, March 11, 2013


It is 1:15am.  Why the heck am I awake?  Good question.  This is what happens when my husband is deployed.  I stay up way too late. 

Tonight I am thinking about my house.  My house.  Since we've been here, I've been in a funk.  First I was just too pregnant to really do much else but unpack the best I could and do the basics.  Well, It has been a year, and my medication is awesome.  I can think about things clearly, and rather than get immediately overwhelmed about even something as simple as cleaning a bathroom, I want to take on crafting projects.  CRAFTING!!!!  Well, crafty for me. 

And I've been thinking about how I want to decorate and what kind of furniture, and when (because it will happen.  because this kitchen is freaking ridiculous) we remodel the kitchen how I want it to be, and when we finally pull up the carpet in the dining room (idiotic!!!  carpet in a dining room!!!) and put down wood floors.  What color I want to paint the walls.....

But.  I had this freaking awesome idea about this random shelf space above our closets.  It is kind of hard to describe, so I'll take some before and after pictures and post them.  But. I am REALLY excited about what I'm going to do.  And it is simple enough that I could do it without anyone helping me!  Well, as long as J (the baby's new pseudonym) is sleeping, I should be able to do it.  I really want to do it this week!!!  I think I just might be able to do it. 

Last deployment, I wanted to overcome my fear of yeast, and learn how to bake bread from scratch.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  So, this time around, I'm not going to set any specific goals like that.  I know it is hard to measure, but I just want to be a better me.  Which involves much smaller goals, like making my bed every day.  Or keeping the front living room picked up, or not yelling at my kids when I really really want to.  Better at organizing, and getting rid of stuff we don't use or need. 

So, there you go.  And now I'm going to go turn off the Shahs of Sunset (watching BRAVO is like watching a train wreck.  you know it's awful and bad, and yet YOU STILL WATCH!!!!  ugh) and brush my teeth and go to bed.  And think about all the awesome things I'm going to do. 

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  1. Hi there! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

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