Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook strikes again!

Oh man. Sometimes Facebook just isn't worth it!!!

Here is the set up: Friend one posts something about moving as apparently, her landlords aren't doing anything about 1) the noisy neighbor that just moved in (and also rent from the same landlord) and 2) the oven is broken, and they haven't fixed it. Then she proceeds to call them names (lazy butts). Friend two is her landlord.

So, I commented and said a few things regarding the oven and neighbors, and then said that considering that 9 of her friends were also friends with her landlord, that it was an inappropriate place for her to be talking about this, as well as calling them names. Which, it is. I know, by a really crappy experience, that when you talk about people online, it comes back and bites you in the behind. Friend one responded with something about if they worried so much about appearances, then they should do something rather than not do anything. Ok, so really, is there anything a landlord that lives five miles away can do about noisy neighbors??? No. It is frustrating for the people next door? Absolutely. Is it frustrating to not have a working oven? Absolutely. Is whining about it on Facebook the right thing to do when you share friends with your landlord??? 100% no. I have no idea what was done about the oven. Should it have been fixed sooner? Probably. Has friend one been proactive about communicating with her landlord? We have no idea.

So, lesson learned from all of this is there is a line. While I'm sure I've crossed it before, I really try really hard not to cross it. I even have my own set of Facebook rules. I don't comment on political stuff. If I disagree with something, I try to just scroll past. If they use a lot of profanity, on a regular basis, I will probably unfriend them. (In fact, friend one unfriended me today, so there you go.) I'm sure many of you have some rules for yourself as well.

Ugh. So lame. Should I have said something?? I don't know. But I would have stood up for any of my friends if I had seen something similar written. In fact, today, a sibling of mine posted something about basketball game. He and a few other of his guy friends started using female slurs (vagina, pussy) referencing the referee and how badly he was doing, as well as how they players were playing. Saying that calling them a pussy or a vagina is a put down. I couldn't stand it. I said something. Some things are just so bad that I can't scroll past it.

I think it is time I reevaluate my personal rules for Facebook, and make sure they are enough to keep it something worthwhile.

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