Thursday, July 12, 2012

My current obsession

I do not recall if I have shared this on here, but I really do not like my house.  Someone who has no idea of function HAD to have put this house together.  Yes, there are some good things.  But the lack of a door from the master bedroom to the master bath, the carpet in the dining room (seriously WHY do people do that????) , the idiotic way the kitchen is set up (the dishwasher and the oven are so close you cannot have them both open at the same time ever, the cabinets aren't to the ceiling and the pantry is this dark hole), the popcorn ceilings, five different levels are not in that category..  Some of this is an easy fix, and most of it is an expensive fix.  I am limited on what I can do to improve things.  The kids bedrooms are also small.  We need to figure out a way to fit a crib in with their stuff.  I mean, this baby of ours is five months old!  He needs to get out of our room!

I also have gotten a new phone.  A phone that has internet on it.  So while I sit and nurse, I am checking craigslist.  Did you know you have a limit on how many listings you send??  You do.  I've exceeding it at least twice.  My inbox is full of links to listings.  My goal is to rearrange our rooms to make things work.  I have some big plans, and if my house weren't a cluttery mess, I would take some pictures to show you what needs to change, and what I want to do.  Since I don't have pictures, I'll just tell you what I want to do. 

First off, the kids beds.  Right now we have a bunk bed split up for them.  It looks something like this (picture from here) except not as nice looking.  Blondie has the bottom half in her room.  This isn't working for them.  Superhero doesn't like being up high, and the room he has doesn't fit this well so that he can use the shelves and desk.  Nor does it leave much space in his room for an actual dresser or bookshelf, and leave room for him to play.  So, we are looking at getting something like this for him: 

 (picture from here)

We think this will work much better.  And the bottom is a trundle that pulls out only when needed.  It would fit much better in his room, and use the space better.  Behind the desk and under the top bed is storage space that can be accessed by a door.  I'm sure brand new these babies are super expensive.  But I've found some on craigslist for as low as $350.  But before we get this, we have to get rid of what we have.  

For Blondie, we are looking at getting her a trundle type of bed as well, but not a bunk/loft bed.  We seem to have lots of visitors here, and having them both have a trundle will be very helpful when we have visitors with kids. 

Also on the list:  a combo dresser/changer for the baby.  I've seen lots on craigslist, it's mostly a matter of me contacting them and getting it here.  But before I do that I have to rearrange Blondies' room so that a crib and dresser will fit.  Ultimately, the baby and Superhero will be sharing, but for now she'll have to share with him.   A highboy dresser for my husband.  Our closets were not made with function in mind.  They are awful.  We have two dressers in our room, but one of them is mine, and the other he shares with the baby.  I want to get rid of that one (because it's more like a chest and takes up too much room in our too small master bedroom) and get one that has a smaller footprint with a good amount of storage.  Then maybe he'll be able to get his clothes put away and not leave them in piles on the floor.  An entryway table/bench.  We have nothing now, and I think that having something there will greatly help the cleanliness of our living room area.  As well as keep the shoes of visitors and the neighborhood kids in one place. 

There is one more thing I want.  And we don't exactly have a place for it....but I still want one!!  Do you know what a secretary desk is?  They can look like this.  Or this.  I want a place that I can organize my stuff, but close it so that people can't see my mess (if there is one) or my computer.  But I don't want a giant roll top desk that takes up a ton of room.  I want something small, something that might fit in my bedroom.  Or maybe in my living room.  I saw a blue one in a city about an hour from me.  It is way stinking awesome.  I am still looking for the perfect one. 

I have some things that I need to list on craigslist as well.  It is so dang easy, I just should take some pictures and do it.  It would give me a little bit of cash as well as get rid of some stuff around here that we don't need or use anymore.  But like many things right now, only the highest priority items get done, and sometimes not even then.  But as I get more sleep, and this little boy of mine gets older and I don't have to nurse as much, things will hopefully get back to normal.  Or that we find our new normal. 

Now I need to go and check craigslist....see if anything new has been listed!!!

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