Monday, November 29, 2010

Just call me Mrs. Snow

You want to know what? I am not a fan of winter. Especially when I live in places that actually have a big temperature drop, and the weather completely changes. Like when I see clouds instead of sun 90% of the time. Or when it's cold, wet, rainy/snowy and all around miserable outside.

For the last month, I have felt like I was walking through really thick mud. Barely able to move my legs to make any progression to get out of the darn mud. Which means my house, as well as myself, is falling apart. I thought after going through one of these winters, that I might be more ready for this one. That theory has been proven wrong.

So, along with my daily dosage of Vitamin D3, daily exercise, and sitting in front of my high spectrum light while I read my scriptures, I need to do something more. And last night, I was watching one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid: Pollyanna. I know the whole thing by heart, I had seen it so many times as a kid. Anyway, I started to think. I need the glad game. I am one of those old, crotchety people. All I need to do is have a change in attitude. Yeah, winter really sucks. I have no energy, no motivation, and I have a hard time staying warm and then I really get grumpy. But there ARE things that I can be glad about. Starting this month, and for as long as I need a pick me up (and really, it's cold until May here, so sad) I am going to play the glad game. You can play with me and leave a comment, or you can do it on your own blog. I need to find happiness, to find the good. And really, if you just look, it will be there.

Tomorrow, my first glad post.

Today, I am glad I have a slow cooker.

Your turn..........

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  1. Good for you Terina. I too find that when I'm feeling lousy a lot of times I just need an attitude adjustment. What an inspiring game.